Philip Jude

Philip is the primary consultant and is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, with a Batchelor of Commerce and Diploma in Accounting.

Philip is a highly experienced chartered accountant with a solid background in financial management and proven skills in business reporting, planning and forecasting, developed through working with a major international fashion brand, and within manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing environments.

Philip has worked with SunSystems since 1992 following the implementation of Sun whilst the financial controller of a public company, and has since focused primarily on consulting to the fashion and social housing sectors.

Associated Consultants

Jude Consulting also employs the services of other consultants specialising in SunSystems and Professional Advantage software.

Albert Bouma

Albert is an independent consultant specialising in SunSystems and Professional Advantage products who works closely with Jude Consulting. He is a vastly experienced technical and application consultant with extensive business, financial and technical skills combined with a strategic understanding of what the correct finance systems achieve for an organisation.

Albert has extensive project delivery experience using methodologies to minimise risk whilst ensuring both simple and complex projects are delivered to specification, on time and on budget.  In addition to providing consultancy services on all aspects of SunSystems and Professional Advantage software, Albert has extensive experience on SunSystems upgrades. 

Phillip Hunter

Phillip is a qualified accountant who provides IT consulting services to the Finance departments of many commercial organisations and the Finance and Development departments of many Housing Associations. He also project manages the implementation of IT systems.  With his strong financial knowledge, he is well placed and expert in advising on interfaces to finance systems.

As an independent consultant, Phillip works closely with Jude Consulting to provide additional skills, experience and resource on larger projects.

Rudy Poonwasie

Rudy is an independent management consultant, working closely with Jude Consulting. Rudy is a qualified accountant with vast experience at the highest levels of retail financial management. Amongst other things, this experience provides Rudy with unique skills to specialise in cash management and control, enabling him to provide tailored solutions for cash forecasting, processing and control in social housing